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Why choose Avista Hospital's
cardiac cath lab?

Dr. Juan Weksler - Denver, Boulder Cardiologist - Flat Irons Heart and Vascular

“Avista is kind of a special place. Patients tell me over and over that the staff treats them very well. They feel well cared for. It’s a great place to work and a great place to be a patient, and there’s a palpable difference. It’s just a happy place to be.” – Dr. Juan Weksler, Cardiologist

  • Most advanced technology in Boulder County. Avista’s cath lab brings the latest technology to the region, allowing for faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment—all using minimally invasive procedures.
  • Successful track record. Our cardiology team has a successful track record of saving lives, minimizing heart damage during a heart attack and preventing heart attack and stroke. 
  • Experienced team. Specially trained technicians and nurses work alongside our team of physicians, including board certified interventional and general cardiologist Juan Weksler, MD. Before coming to Avista, he completed seven years of post-graduate training and five years of experience in a busy STEMI practice, where patients in the midst of heart attacks received life-saving treatments.
  • The Avista difference. Avista’s attentiveness to patients is one of its defining features. Year after year, Avista is ranked among the nation’s top hospitals for quality and patient satisfaction.
  • The Centura difference.  As part of the largest and most comprehensive network of cardiovascular care in Colorado, Avista connects patients to the state’s top cardiac expertise and facilities.


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