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Avista:  Green and Getting Greener

In recent years, we have launched a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption, cut down on waste and minimize any negative environmental impact that could result from our operations.

In addition to the energy-efficient fluorescent lighting that has been installed in newer parts of the building, the older parts of the building have been retrofitted with the latest technology as well.

Variable frequency drives have been installed on air handling equipment throughout the building, minimizing the inefficient electrical surges caused by frequent stops and starts.

According to Steve Barker, Facilities Director, the OB Green Team has been instrumental in reducing red-bag waste by a whopping 60%.  The notable improvements were achieved largely by educating staff on what type of waste is appropriate for bio-hazard containers and what type of waste can be disposed in more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Each month, a portion of our energy purchased comes from wind sources.

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