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We Welcome Birth
Center Visitors

We Welcome Your Children

Children are welcome to visit and are encouraged to participate in the ways you find meaningful for your family.

Because the staff is completely focused on the mother and baby, however, each child under the age of 16 who is present during labor must have an adult support person other than the expectant mother or the birth coach.

Helpful information for visitors:

  • Avista Adventist Hospital is a non-smoking campus and no smoking is allowed while on the premises.
  • Visitors who are sick or exposed to communicable diseases should not plan to visit mother and baby in the hospital. For the safety of our patients, sick visitors may be asked to leave.
  • Because all medical information is confidential, we are not able to provide information concerning the status of mothers or newborns to anyone.
  • Since our birth center is secured, guests will need to ring the doorbell for admission.
  • Because the baby is typically in the same room with the mother, visitors are able to see the newborn as often as the mother wishes. Visitation in the Level III NICU, however, is limited in order to allow undisturbed medical care for the newborn.
  • Visitors are welcome to eat in our restaurant-quality cafés, enjoy free parking and have access to wireless internet.
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